Director's Desk


Dr. Gagandeep Singh Saluja

Director & Founder

  • Ph.D (Marketing)
  • NLP Coach/Practioner
  • M.B.A. (Marketing and Sales)
  • Diploma in Stock Market
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Director's Vision

The Director of Udaan Training Services, Gagandeep Singh Saluja laid the footing of the institute on september 1st 2010 with an acute vision of Total Quality Management that was designed to emphasize the Language Skills, Management Skills and Personality Grooming and Development respective to each and every field. Since then the institute and the team has left no stones unturned, no perspective unseen and no opportunity untouched to uplift the trainees with excellency. The outcome hence was that Udaan became the first preference not only among the education institutes, corporates and the housewives who keeps the strive to build up their personality and boost up their confidence to stand and achieve their respective goals in today's dynamically competitive era.

Further, Mr. Singh believes that the only thing that stops a person to achieve goals is his/her willingness and confidence in self. And every individual possess such inbuilt qualities that he / she can achieve anything; the only thing needed is a slight push from behind which Mr.Singh and team tries to provide to his trainees. The world today not just demands for qualities and hard work but equally the overlook and smart work. He says the world around us is alike a customer who seeks not only a quality taste cake but also a mouthwatering icing and this is funda on which he hopes to continue offering his services full of innovative methods and techniques and personalized creativity.